First Global Tsunami Solution; Be an Exceedance Guest Speaker; 10 Year Indian Ocean Tsunami Anniversary, and more
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December 2014 Newsletter

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What’s at Risk as Super Typhoon Hagupit Approaches the Central Philippines?

Managing Risk 10 Years After the Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami

Location, Location, Location: What Makes a Windstorm Memorable?

Risk and the City


Speaking & Events

Exceedance 2015 – Register Now for Early Bird Pricing

AGU Fall 2014 Meeting December 15-19, 2014

Reddit Science AMA with Robert Muir-Wood and Patricia Grossi December 16


Documentation Update

Secondary Modifiers for U.S. Earthquake Model: Reference Guide

FAQ: Earthquake Rupture Lengths

Per Risk Reinsurance Methodology


RMS Support Update

In response to your feedback, we have designed a new Video Library for RMS Owl. Now you can search across Event Response, models, and product content, and use advanced filtering to find the videos you need.


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Version 15.0 Pre-Release Materials

Version 15.0, targeted for release in 2015, will provide new modeling capabilities and a fully up-to-date view of risk for the RMS Europe Windstorm Models and the RMS North Atlantic Hurricane Models. The model updates are based on extensive claims analysis from events such as Hurricane Sandy; new studies into building stock variations across Europe; U.S. building codes and construction practices; and the latest research on past and potential future events.

As part of the pre-release guidance, the following version 15.0 materials are now available:

The Version 15.0 resources page on RMS Owl will continue to be updated as we approach the release.

Model Insights

Managing Flood Risk in South Korea
The RMS® South Korea High-Resolution Probabilistic Flood Maps and Scenario Catalog are now available. The flood maps and flood scenarios provide insight into potential flood depths at a range of return periods to support underwriting, accumulation management, and solvency testing decisions in South Korea. Read more in the South Korea Flood Maps Executive Briefing on RMS Owl.

RMS Releases First Global Tsunami Solution
RMS has released the RMS® Global Tsunami Scenario Catalog, which includes a large set of tsunami inundation footprints generated from megathrust (typically moment magnitude 9) earthquakes on subduction zone plate boundaries around the globe. Each footprint includes all countries and coastlines impacted, with inundation depths. To learn more about how the catalog supports underwriting, risk pricing, and portfolio management decisions, download the Global Tsunami Scenario Catalog Executive Briefing #1 on RMS Owl.

Managing Risk 10 Years After the Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami
The 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami highlighted inherent vulnerabilities in the world’s coastlines and the people who live there. The tsunami was the deadliest in history, and the first in a series of M9 and greater earthquake and tsunami events that caused the world to re-examine this rare but devastating risk.

RMS U.S. Enhanced FEMA Flood Zone Data Update
The fourth quarter update to the 2014 RMS U.S. Enhanced FEMA Flood Zone Data (2014 Package 4) will be available in mid-January 2015. This update reflects all changes made to FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps from July to September 2014, in addition to the October 2013–June 2014 revisions included in 2014 Package 3. More on RMS U.S. Enhanced FEMA Flood Zone Data.

Stand Out from the Crowd: Be a Speaker at Exceedance 2015

Want to share your story at the world’s leading catastrophe risk management conference? Exceedance provides a forum to showcase your insights and best practices, and create an open discussion to inspire discovery and learning. Enhance your Exceedance experience by becoming a guest speaker. Contact us at to learn more.

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