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What to expect this 2014-2015 Europe Winter Windstorm Season

New Storms, New Insights: Two Years After Hurricane Sandy

Betting on Mother Nature

Are fears of a global Ebola pandemic warranted?

Your Excellent Questions On Earthquakes

The Next Big One: Expert Advice On Planning For The Inevitable

The Need for Preparation and Resiliency in the Bay Area

RMS to Launch Global Tsunami Catalog


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October - December, APAC

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Exceedance 2015

April 27-30, 2015, Florida


Document Updates

Europe Windstorm Models—Scope of Update Version 15.0

ASOP #38 Earthquake Version 13.1

ASOP #38 Earthquake Version 13.0

French Caribbean Hurricane Model: ALM Profiles

U.S. and Canada Severe Convective Storm Models: ALM Profiles


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This month we will be expanding our search functionality in Owl to include known issues, events, videos, and downloads. We will continue to refine our search results to ensure you have all the information you need at your fingertips.


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Are Fears of a Global Ebola Pandemic Warranted?

RMS recently developed the world’s first probabilistic model for the current West African Ebola outbreak. While Ebola is a potentially deadly disease, RMS modeling shows that it is unlikely the outbreak will become a significant global threat.

Version 15.0 Pre-Release Materials

Version 15.0, targeted for release in March 2015, will provide new modeling capabilities and a fully up-to-date view of risk for the RMS Europe Windstorm Models and the RMS North Atlantic Hurricane Models. The model updates are based on extensive claims analysis from recent events such as Hurricane Sandy, new studies into building stock variations across Europe, building codes and construction practices in the U.S., and the latest research on past and potential future events.

As part of the pre-release guidance, the following version 15.0 materials are now available:

The Version 15.0 resources page on RMS Owl will continue to be updated as we approach the release.

Not Statistically Improbable, but Certainly Not Normal
Brian Owens analyzes recent hurricane anomalies that occurred despite the relative inactivity of the Atlantic hurricane season so far.

Model Insights

2015 U.S. Workers Compensation Cost Severities
The 2015 U.S. Workers Compensation Cost Severities are now available for the RMS® U.S. Earthquake Casualty Model, the RMS® Probabilistic Terrorism Model, and the RMS® Terrorism Scenario Model. They will also be included as part of the Version 15.0 release. Download the SQL script by selecting the appropriate product and version. The 2015 Cost Severities Presentation and the U.S. Workers Compensation Cost Severities Methodology are also available.

RMS Offshore® Platform Industry Exposure Database – November Update
The 2014 RMS® Offshore Platform Industry Exposure Database has been updated to reflect the most up-to-date exposure data about mobile rigs. This is the last update for the 2014 Atlantic hurricane season, which officially ends November 30. Clients who license the RMS Offshore Platform Industry Exposure Database can contact their account manager to request access to the data files. Read documentation.

2014/15 Europe Windstorm Season Approaches

What can we expect from this winter windstorm season in Europe? This blog looks back at the events of 2013/14 and discusses what could be expected in the upcoming season. Read the 2013-2014 Winter Storms report.

When the “Big One” Hits: 25 years after Loma Prieta

Earthquake risk in the San Francisco Bay Area is on the rise, while earthquake insurance penetration statewide has dropped significantly since the Loma Prieta earthquake rocked the Bay Area 25 years ago, causing nearly $6 billion in economic losses. RMS analysis projects that the next “big one” has potential to be financially devastating to the Bay Area economy. How can we better plan and prepare for an inevitable earthquake on a Bay Area fault?

RMS CCRA® Training Program - Registration is Open

The RMS CCRA Training Program will take place February 2015 in London and March 2015 in Hoboken. Registration is open now through December 5 and is limited to RMS clients only. Register early, as sessions fill quickly. Get more information on the program and registration, please use your RMS Owl login credentials.

Exceedance 2015

Mark your calendar for Exceedance 2015! This year's conference will take place April 27– 30, 2015 at the Fontainebleau Resort in Miami, Florida. Exceedance will be an action-packed four days of learning, networking, innovation, and fun. We invite you to join us and get ahead of the curve with deep dives into RMS model science and technology. Registration opens soon!

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