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Cat Events







RMS and 100 Resilient Cities at the Clinton Global Initiative

Matching Modeled Loss Against Historic Loss in European Windstorm Data

Serial Clustering Activity around the Baja Peninsula during September 2014


Speaking & Events

United Nations World Investment Forum- Principals for Sustainable Insurance Marketplace
October 16, Geneva

Trading Risk New York Rendez-Vous 2014
October 16, New York

Introduction to Catastrophe Loss Modeling
October 22, St. Gallen

Actuarial Society 2014 Convention
October 22, South Africa

Institutional Investor Institute Swiss, German and Austrian Pension Roundtable 2014
October 30, Zurich

In:Site World Tour
October - December, APAC

Save the Date
Exceedance 2015

April 27-30, 2015, Florida


Document Updates

Version 15 Europe Windstorm Model Update: Directional Changes

China and Hong Kong Typhoon Model: ALM Profiles

RMS Wildfire Hazard Data: Reference Guide

Wildfire FAQ

Liquefaction Susceptibility FAQ


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Liberty Specialty Markets on Managing Non-Modeled Risk

Graham Clark, Head of Exposure Management, Liberty Specialty Markets, speaks on the challenges and opportunities associated with managing non-modeled risk.

Liberty Specialty Video

Version 15.0 Pre-Release Materials

Version 15.0, targeted for release in March 2015, will provide new modeling capability and a fully up-to-date view of risk for the RMS Europe Windstorm Models and the RMS North Atlantic Hurricane Models.The model updates are based on extensive claims analysis from recent events such as Hurricane Sandy, new studies into building stock variations across Europe, building codes and construction practices in the U.S., and the latest information and research on past and potential future events.

As part of the pre-release guidance, the following version 15.0 materials are now available:

Matching Modeled Loss Against Historical Loss in European Windstorm Data
Companies may find their experience of European windstorm hazard does not match the modeled loss. Alternate views of risk enhance model validation and provide greater confidence in the models that are used. Laurent Marescot explores further.

Model Insights

Wildfire Hazard Data
Are you assessing wildfire risk for a single location or portfolio? Informed by state-of-the-art fire modeling technologies and decades of historical fire records, RMS® Wildfire Hazard Data provides insurers the ability to assess wildfire hazard, threat, susceptibility, and overall risk at the location level throughout the state of California. The data can be licensed for use in RiskLink, RiskBrowser, RiskBrowser Online, RiskSearch, and through RiskTools. It is also available in shapefile format.

RMS Releases First Global Tsunami Solution
In November 2014, RMS will be releasing the RMS® Global Tsunami Scenario Catalog that encompasses scenarios generated from tsunamigenic earthquake events around the globe, allowing clients to better understand tsunami-related inundation risk. Scenarios are provided with banded flood depth supporting portfolio management and underwriting decisions. Read more in this Global Tsunami Scenario Catalog: Executive Briefing #1

RMS Offshore® Platform Industry Exposure Database – October Update
The 2014 RMS Offshore Platform Industry Exposure Database has been updated to reflect the most up-to-date information on mobile rigs exposure. It will continue to be updated monthly throughout the 2014 Atlantic hurricane season. Clients who license the database can contact their account manager to request access to the data files. Read the documentation.

In:Site 2014 – Singapore, Beijing, and Tokyo
Don't forget to sign up for In:Site in Asia. We will examine the risk of Asia’s complex and often underestimated natural hazards, particularly in today’s environment of rapidly growing exposure and changing regulatory practices. Register today, and see what’s happening at In:Site Singapore, Beijing, and Tokyo.

Using Network Theory to Understand the Interconnectivity of Financial Risk
How can catastrophe modeling methodologies be applied to model financial risk contagion? Andrew Coburn explores on the RMS blog.

RMS CCRA® Training Program is Back! 2015 Schedule Now Available

The RMS CCRA Training Program will take place February 2015 in London and March 2015 in Hoboken. Registration is limited to RMS clients only and opens on November 3, 2014. Register early as sessions fill quickly. Get more information and the complete schedule.

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