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RMS(one): Tackling a Unique Big Data Problem

Measuring Disaster Risk for Global UN Goals

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Register today for Exceedance 2015
April 27-30 Fontainbleau Miami Beach Resort, Florida

Robert Muir Wood and Julia Hall will speak at the UN World Conference in Disaster Risk Reduction in Sendai Japan March 14-18.


RMS Support Update

Beginning this month, documents in the New + Featured section of the RMS Owl Library are tagged to indicate which documents are new or updated so you can identify them at a glance. 


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Version 15.0

Version 15.0 will be available on March 31, 2015. The release incorporates updates to the RMS Europe Windstorm Models and the RMS North Atlantic Hurricane Models, as well as important software updates. 
Europe Windstorm
The update to the Europe Windstorm Models provides the latest view of European wind hazard and improved loss correlation and calibration for all modeled countries, and enhanced vulnerability definition and regionalization based on new research. It also includes a climate variability-based view of risk to support regulatory validation. With these updates, RMS provides the most up-to-date view of windstorm risk on the market, enabling improved capital adequacy, a better understanding of how to diversify windstorm risk, and more informed risk selection.

North Atlantic Hurricane
Updates to the North Atlantic Hurricane Models reflect the latest science and data on hurricane event rates, new insights to support wind-related underwriting, new capabilities to manage coastal flood risk, and a suite of vulnerability enhancements across several regions and lines of business. Together, these enhancements keep the view of risk up-to-date, allowing the industry to manage, quantify, and underwrite hurricane risk with more confidence.
As part of the pre-release guidance ahead of version 15.0, the following materials are now available on RMS Owl:

Visit the Version 15.0 Resources Page for additional information regarding available or upcoming version 15.0 resources and documentation on the North Atlantic Hurricane and Europe Windstorm Models, including prior Executive Briefings, directional guidance and recorded webinars, please visit the
Version 15.0 Software
RiskLink and RiskBrowser will be available for electronic download on March 31. This release also includes RiskManager, Treaty Manager, and the Probabilistic Terrorism Model. We anticipate that all downloads will be completed within a few days of March 31. Please contact your account manager to schedule your download.
RiskLink EGC for HPC 2008 will be available by mid-April, and RiskLink EGC for HPC 2012 will be available later this year.
Additional secondary products, including HailCalc and the Data Quality Toolkit, are targeted for release in Q2 of the 2015 calendar year. 
Physical media will be shipped beginning Monday, April 13.
For more information on the impacts and release timelines for RMS primary and secondary products in version 15, please refer to the Version 15.0 Software Scope and Rationale Presentation. 

More Model News

2014 A.M. Best SRQ Guidance
With the recent release of the 2014 Statement Year A.M. Best SRQ, RMS has updated its guidance for responding to natural catastrophe, terrorism, and data quality-related questions: 

Additional resources are available here on RMS Owl. 
Horizons Earthquake Special Volume
The new edition of Horizons, the RMS Model Development Research Review contains more than 20 articles focused on RMS earthquake research and development, with insights into the future of high-definition RMS earthquake models.
High-Resolution Economic Exposure Database for New Zealand Now Available
RMS has released the first high-resolution economic exposure database for New Zealand, providing building values by line of business with nationwide geographic coverage. The high-resolution databases are derived from building-level geospatial data from the RMS high-definition (HD) building database and local and national census data. Email asia-exposure@rms.com for more information.

Exceedance 2015

From monsoon rainfall to tsunami inundation to hurricane storm surge, RMS flood solutions offer extensive coverage for modeled and non-modeled risks around the globe. Join us at Exceedance to learn more, where you’ll also gain insight into U.S. coastal risks from National Hurricane Center Director Richard Knabb in a special keynote address. Register today!  

RMS in the News

RMS issued press releases announcing the new South Korea Probabilistic Flood Maps and Scenario Catalog, Asia Economic Exposure Databases, and areas at risk from mega-tsunami.

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